spray tanning

Spray Tanning is not only less expensive than a trip to Cuba you are also guaranteed not to burn! No UV’s, no harsh chemicals, just natural, sunkissed color.

  • $17 for face,chest,back and arms or
  • $30 for full body.

Feel better with a little color! Book an appointment!


Some things to remember before your spray tan appointment…


  • wax or shave at least 24 hrs prior to your appt
  • shower and exfoliate your entire body as close to your appt as possible
  • remember that perfume, moisturizer, deordorant and makeup can interfere with the tanning process, so avoid these as much as possible prior to your appt
  • wear dark, loose clothing and thong if possible to your appt
  • allow 6-8 hrs before showering after your appt
  • avoid swimming pools, spas and saunas to lengthen the life of your tan
  • moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!


  • exfoliate your skin after your appt, it will cause tan to fade quickly
  • sit on leather or light color fabric furniture immediately after your appt
  • exercise immediately after your appt, sweating will cause tan to become blotchy

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